10 months and counting

by | Oct 10, 2018

It’s funny how the 10th of each month rolls around and I pause. Of course, I pause on the 9th and the 11th too.  And everyday.  It’s all so different with you gone.  I talk to you all the time, and I know you’re listening.  So tonight I have to share all the amazing things that are happening because of you.  Because so very, very many people love you and you inspired so many to do great things.

You know about WWKD.  That we formed the non-profit, incorporated, have a full board of directors, multiple committees and are doing our first fund-raiser to build a house in your beloved Haiti! The auction has brought out so many people.  Donors from all over the country!  Florida, Ohio, Rhode Island, Arizona, Illinois, Massachusetts, Tennessee, of course Washington – even as far a way as Chile!  We have such an assortment of items and such a group of volunteers!  People who you shared a past with.  People who loved you, lived with you, worked with you.  People who were your family.  People you laughed with, hugged on, prayed with, prepared meals for.  The people you listened to, talked with, walked on the beach with.  People who knew you loved music (especially if Jeremy was singing).  People who knew you loved Harry Potter and all things Tinkerbell.  That you had a special place in your heart for Peter Pan and that Haiti and her people reached out and took a piece of your heart from the moment you stepped foot on that island.  I remember the change in you.  Your eyes sparkled even more when you talked about the children.  How you felt that you left a little piece of your heart there.  That you would return.  And you did…and now, we are going to return again…all in your name.  In your memory.  All because of you.  Because of the woman you were.  It seems fitting to me that you will live on this way.  Still taking care of the children and people of Haiti.  Still sharing your heart