Are you watching?

by | Sep 11, 2018

Today it’s been little things irritating me.  Traffic.  The rain.  Slow loading web sites. Cranky people.  Lines everywhere.

And then I realized.  Today is the day.  Nine months since you passed. It’s funny how my entire being knows this without even trying.  Without me being 100% aware.  So, I take a break.  Sometimes that’s hard to do.  There is just so much to do.  But for now, I stop.  I breath.  Slowly.  And I remember your glorious smile!  The times we felt bad and then just laughed out loud at how dumb our little problems were.  They don’t seem so little without you to laugh with.  So, I ’m trying to do what we used to do together…breath.  Laugh out loud.  Love.  Change my direction and along with it my tolerance.

Tonight, I want you to watch.  To remind me that each day is new. That it is something to be thankful for. To ride with me through the day.  To help me be more understanding.  To bridge the divisions that we find our world in.  To help me “take a break”.  To be kind to myself when my heart aches.  To Love.

Our project is growing.  WWKD is out there.  The auction and dinner will be amazing.  We are building a house in Haiti.  We have set up the non-profit to continue as a living memorial to you.  Your heart.  Your love.  Your village continues to grow.  For this, for you, I am eternally grateful.

So please, keep watching…