Be the Change!

by | May 21, 2019

Imagine going to the water faucet in your kitchen and nothing comes out. Here, in the United States, it’s an inconvenience at best. We fix it and move on. But in Haiti, fixing it is not an option. In fact, water is not an option. The closest water is 25 miles away. You have to drive there, purchase the water and haul it home.

Now imagine that you make $2.00 a day (that’s the average wage in Haiti). At current fuel prices in Haiti, 1/4 of your daily income goes for fuel to go to get water. Water which is such a basic need for all of us! Some people don’t have transportation and so their ability to get clean water is non-existent.

So we come to our 2020 project for WWKD. This is a life changing project for so many people. We are going to drill a well! This well will help the people become self-sufficient. Clean water will allow them to do so many things! It will help with personal hygiene, dental care, sanitation, food and more. It will allow the people of Haiti to continue to feed the children of the village and start the circle that we expect to grow. We expect to see the future develop from this one major project. To complete this project, we need your help. We can’t do it alone. Ongoing projects occur when you take time to donate of your money, time or talent. Right now we have two fundraising projects going on. The first, a cookie class with all proceeds going to WWKD.

The second, and our major fundraiser of the year is our second annual WWKD Auction. This years theme is a Luau. We have a photo booth bus, silent and live auction, great food and drinks! Tickets can be purchased at If you have items to donate, please feel free to contact us via email at

My last ask, if you or your friends can, would you consider hosting a local fundraiser for WWKD? Paint nights, cookie classes, craft classes, wine tasting…where ever your mind takes you. We are moved to drill this well. It is a major need and we can make this happen. I know Kelsey would have made this happen. We will do it for her!