Danita’s Children and WWKD

by | Nov 27, 2020

As we approach the 3rd anniversary of losing Kelsey, we wanted to take a few minutes to reflect on her trips to Haiti, and the place that started her love for the people of Haiti, Danita’s Children. During Kelsey’s last trip to Haiti she wrote in her journal about the having to leave Danita’s and the people working there, “Our hearts ached as we left there. They are such beautiful people and take amazing care of the kids they have been given to watch over. I pray that God blesses them beyond measure!” I asked Annabelle to share a little about the first trip and she took with Kelsey to Danita’s. She said, “Haiti is a place that will forever be in my heart & a part of my mom’s heart will always be there too. She always wanted to help in every way she could whether it was loving on the kids at the orphanage or doing food distribution to people in the village. She was just happy to help & be there. We always called it our second home. It was a very eye-opening experience as an 11-year-old to go to a 3rd world country, I mean at any age it’s an eye-opening experience but it’s a beautiful one. The people there are some of the kindest and wholehearted people I’ve ever met. Danita’s Children has grown so much since the last time I was there and I can’t wait to help even more this upcoming year.”

The WWKD Board has partnered with the Director of Donor Relations to inquiry where we might be of assistance to them and what their greatest need is right now. They have identified the Malnourishment Program, serving both inpatient and outpatient children. Below are some statistics on malnutrition in Haiti:

22% of children in Haiti are chronically malnourished
100,000 children under 5 suffer acute malnutrition
1 in 3 is stunted or irreversibly short for their age
$69 will treat one child for malnutrition and can help save their life

The funds raised through the Giving Tuesday campaign will be used to help feed children. The donations made through the WWKD Facebook Fundraiser will be doubled, and in some instances can be tripled with Corp Matching Gift Programs — be sure to check and see if your company participates! If you have any questions about this, you can contact any of the Board members and we’d be happy to help.