Eight months and life moves forward….

by | Aug 11, 2018

August 10, 2018…eight months feels like yesterday sometimes.  So many things I want to share with you.  I know you hear me.  I talk to you often when I’m driving, when I’m in the backyard. When I was at the beach a couple weeks ago.  Late at night.  Early in the morning.  I see your messages almost every day.  The hummingbirds have come back to the feeders here at the house.  I know you had more to do with that than the hummingbird food I make.

Your girls…they are glorious! Annabelle went to Europe with the music group.  She loved London and the play…but she’s so much like you.  The tour was beautiful, just more structured and she wanted to meet the people more.  Switzerland was her favorite place! She has your heart and your love for people.  Maddy came back from Japan and she had the best time.  She loved her host family and their five girls and they all cried when it was time to leave.  She shared her art with them which told me how very much she cared. She gives from the heart just like you always did.  It’s been so hard for them not having you here.  We do our best but we will never be you.

So I don’t know if I told you, but we started a foundation in your honor…your memory.  To remember you forever and a day.  Because I promised your daughters that you would NEVER be forgotten! We called it wwkd.org (what would Kelsey do?)  We are making this real.  We incorporated as a non-profit corporation.  We have a 501©3 tax exempt, tax deductible status.  We are planning a huge fundraising event on November 3 of this year.  We are going to build a house in Haiti and dedicate it next year.  We are going to raise $17,000 to do this.  In building this house we have created the sustainability you always wanted for Haiti.  Haitian workers are building the blocks.  They are building the house.  They are being paid.  We will help paint and decorate.  We are going to build gardens.  We are going to feed the children.  We will visit Pastor Dan, and we have even re-connected with Bill Waterman again.  This is your vision baby…we’re just carrying on your work.  You should see how many people have stepped up.  Your family of course.  Jeremy has been amazing. He misses you so much and we all spend as much time as we can together because we all feel the same way. You know your sister Lisa knows how to write better than any of us.  Everyone is contributing to the auction.  Everyone is contributing to the functionality of the organization.  Your brothers Josh, Terran, Brian, Nick and Jeff.  Your sisters Ashley, Sarah, Lexi, Andrea and Janell.  Trinity has walked us through so very much (I always said it was important to have an attorney in this family!)  Brett and Bekie and their amazing girls…Mamie, Wendy, Pattie, Dee, Pam, Jennifer, Jen, Stacy, Scott, Beth, Trina, Liz, Deb, Ruth, Joni, Teena, Robyn, Rachel, Shari, Brandy, Brandie, Janelle, Michelle, Jenni, Kristie, Peggy, Jim, Kathy, Amber, Holli, Dorothy, Angela, Erin, Jeslaine, Carmen, Bill, Melissa, James, Sarah, Kathleen, Kim, Hannah, Chris, Susan, Christopher, Missy, Elizabeth, Cheryl, Jody, Jason, Kathy, Carmen, Melodie, Glenn, Darin, Marsha, Dave, Stacey, Chuck, Ronda, Carolyn, Mandi, Rebecca, Krystle, Michael, Susie, Jesseca, Barbara, Alison, Laura, Lois, Valerie, Annette, Rose, Diana, Maria, Sharon, Kristin, Meredith, Roberta, Karen, Tom, Roberta, Tonya, Cat, Jan, Michelle, Travis, Tiffany, the list goes on and on and we add more each day.  It’s happening baby, and it’s all because of you and the love that you shared with so many.  It doesn’t change how much we miss you, but it gives us all something to do to make you proud.  You made such a mark in this world.

Love you…momwwkdproject kelsey foss haiti homes for haiti welcome home haiti feeding haiti