Getting to a new different

Thanks for joining us on this new “different” life.  Since Kelsey’s passing there have been so many changes, so many people have reached out and God has been working in so many amazing ways to let us know that she is with Him.

To bring everyone up to date, we still have no actual cause of death.  Toxicology reports finally came back the end of March and that was negative (meaning there were no drug issues).  We hadn’t anticipated any, but it is always good to know.  We are still waiting on tests from the Mayo Clinic and will advise here when we know more.

Since December, we have been working on setting up a foundation to carry on the mission work that Kelsey and family did in Haiti.  And of course, God walks with us in every step, opening doors and sending us help. Trinity Orosco-Hollingsworth has been great in researching what we need, helping us figure out the legalities and make sure we are on the right legal path.

Tiffany Sherwood and Ashley Harvey have helped create an effective web page and host site.

Lisa Shaffer has been instrumental in helping us make connections on the ground in Haiti with “Welcome Home, Haiti”.  That group builds homes through sustainable means of hiring local Haitians to build compressed earth blocks. The blocks are in turn used by local Haitian contractors to build the homes. A 3-bedroom, 1 bath home, complete from start to finish with furnishings is approximately $17,000.  We are proud to be partnering with them.

Bill Waterman from Missionarian has worked in the past with Kelsey and Jeremy on previous trips to Haiti.  He is responsible for connecting us with Pastor Dan who manages an orphanage in Haiti and has offered us use of a house in the Dominican Republic.

Bekie and Brett Yancey are helping us with regards to creating medical contacts in the area to run health clinics in the local communities.

Jessica Wright, Jeremy, Annabelle and Maddelyn Foss who have shared their experiences in Haiti with Kelsey and guide us along this path.

Pastor Chuck Rodgers and Pasco Christian Church for their love and support throughout this entire time.

The Dance Class, Patty White, Wendi White-Rebstock, Linsday Ngynen and all the instructors, dancers, moms and dads and extended family that have been there for us from the very first moment.

To all of you…thank you for helping us to embark on this journey.  We could not do it without you!