Seven months out and I thought it would be different….

by | Jul 10, 2018

Here we are seven months out from Kelsey’s passing and I thought it would be so different.  I thought I would get past that empty feeling that is so very hard to describe.  I thought I would quit reaching for the phone to call her and share some crazy idea.  I thought there would be less tears.  There aren’t.  And they come at the most random times. There are so many things I didn’t get to tell her.  And there were so many things she still wanted to do…so here we are, moving forward in this different world.  But there are good things…

The amazing things.  The sunlight that pours through the clouds in so many different ways.  There was the day we all went to the Mariners game in our WWKD shirts and met Edgar Martinez and got to tell him what a fan she had been.  He was so kind and gracious.  There is  It is growing, one caring person at a time.  We are incorporated and will be filing our 501(c)(3) papers this week.  We are going to build houses and feed the people of Haiti.  We will create sustainable food sources and hopefully things will get better for people there. It may not be fast, but we are dedicated to her memory and making this happen.  She had the ability to always focus on a purpose, and that’s what we’re going to do in her memory.

In the meantime life continues.  Annabelle is touring with the Washington Ambassadors of Music in Europe for the next 16 days.  Kelsey was so excited for her to experience this trip with the choir and orchestra.  I know she is watching over her as she embarks on this adventure.  Maddy departs later this month for two weeks in Japan in an ongoing exchange program through Chiawana High. I’m sure Maddy’s love of art will be enhanced on this trip. Kelsey always said her girls traveled more than she did, but they are such shining examples of her love and big heart.  Jeremy continues to hold his head high.  We love on him and the girls all we can, trying to help fill the void.  He has been such an example of God’s love and faith and we are so glad that God send him to Kelsey.

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In closing tonight, I’d like to tell you to take lots of pictures.  Laughing, crying, hugging, being silly, formal, not formal, just take the pictures! You may not think that they are important, but sometimes they are all you have, and then they are everything… Please check back for updates on future events.  (That’s a hint there are some announcements coming soon!)