Sponsorship comes in all shapes and sizes

Baby chickens, cows, seeds for a garden, garden tools like hoes and shovels, fencing, paint, medicines (even basic aspirin). And, while collecting items sounds great, shipping them to Haiti is not! Getting items through customs is almost always met with huge tariffs, so our goal is to raise money for the things we need to purchase in Haiti for use in Haiti.

Sponsorship works when you commit to supply funds for a specific item or group of items. You can sponsor a garden set (variety of food seeds – lettuce, carrots, potatoes, green beans, peppers, etc. along with shovel, hoe and watering can). The total cost for something like this would be $85. You could do this as a one-time sponsorship.

Chickens (the kind that lay eggs!) sell for about $15 each! That’s a great monthly donation and allows us to give a family several chickens. The same could be said for seeds for planting, household goods, or just a monthly donation to the house building fund would be a huge help.

Understand that earmarking monies for particular items can be a great way to involve the family in your giving. Please feel free to contact us on sponsoring at any time.