What have we been up to?

by | Feb 22, 2019

February is one of those ironic months of sunshine and snow, like mother nature can’t quite decide what’s going on! Fortunately, WWKD has lots of things going on and we can’t wait to share!
First of all, our First Annual Superhero’s Auction was a huge success! After all donations, sales, etc, we raised over $17,000 and reached our goal to build a house in Haiti! Thanks to everyone who helped out with this great cause and there is a list of donors on our web site.  Please feel free to visit them anytime!
In addition, we participated in #GivingTuesday which was part of a joint effort with Facebook and Paypal to help non-profits fund raise.  With matching funds there, we raised over $1600.00  Please keep us in mind for this year.  It’s the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.  We will be reminding folks! 
Did you know that a lot of companies offer matching funds for non-profits?  We have several people now who are making donations to WWKD every paycheck.  Their company is matching those donations! Consequently, we are seeing monthly income due to some dedicated individuals.  Would you consider a $10 per pay period donation to WWKD?  It really adds up to help support our cause in the year.
Currently, we have paid deposits on the house to be built in Haiti.  The dedication is set for July.  As you all know, there are a lot of problems going on in Haiti right now and we are closely monitoring the situation.  We are building the house there, no matter what.  We are working with a team permanently situated in Haiti and have every confidence that things will again calm down.  Haiti is a country made up of strong people who have faced adversity with quiet dignity and will continue to do so.  We are examining the best ways to put additional funds to use as they become available.  We know that sustainable food sources are a must as prices have continued to rise and the monetary values are declining.  This is a major goal.
So, we are moving forward.  Watch for upcoming events!